Tower of London

St Katharine's & Wapping

St Katharine's & Wapping

Tower of London

The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.

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  • Average price $70.00
  • Maximum number of guests 30
  • Activity type Outdoor

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Toni November 6, 2020 at 4:10 pm
The grub is better than most other bar…
I am all about supporting local business. So, I popped into this place for a trim. Upon entering the salon, I was hit by the overwhelming scent of synthetic air fresher. I'm all for nice smelling spaces, but overtly powerful and synthetic fragrance in a small space is not only assaulting to my olfactory, but it's in bad taste. Anyhow, the salon was empty except for a woman behind the counter wearing what looked like sweats and a tshirt with a purse slung over her shoulder, a stylist working on a client, another stylist sitting in a chair texting or facebooking on her cell phone... who knows; and a girl sitting in the waiting area, who may have been a personal friend or a patron. It wasn't clear.

The salon itself was simple and attractive. So, I tried my best to take shallow breaths and go ahead with my plan of getting a trim.

I walked to the counter and I asked the woman how much a trim would be. I think she assumed I must be cheap for asking. She was incredibly dismissive. The reason I asked, is coming from LA, Weho and Bev Hills, I'm used to simple trims starting at $80 to $200. I know it's Arizona, but I am so accustomed to inflation that I still ask, just in case. Anyhow, before she would tell me the price she condescendingly corrected me- a trim was a "haircut" and "haircuts" cost $30. My specifying a trim was to let her know I didn't need my locks turned into a Justin Beaver 'do or something. I just wanted a trim, but apparently she is the type that won't allow people to call haircuts, trims. Some times people need to just chill out and let go.

As you can tell her attitude already had me feeling a little annoyed, and she seemed put off by me as well, but I decided to just ignore her and get a haircut. I asked if there was only one stylist on duty, because I wasn't sure if the girl frantically playing on her cell phone was in fact an employee, but apparently she was. I asked if there was a wait and the woman said, no- I'll go let her know. But, the thing is, she didn't go let her know. She sat down the other girl that had been waiting, which was fine- she was there first. She then took the girls hair out of a pony tail, brushed through it- apologized over and over again for something or other- maybe being late... Then she walked to the back and never said a word to the hairdresser and began getting her supplies ready for her client.

You know, I just can't stand bad service. She may have been the owner for all I know. I mean coming to work in a tshirt and sweat pants... most employees wouldn't dare. I know I was dressed pretty bummy myself, as I am a permaculture enthusiast and today is my garden day- but I think her unprofessional attitude was a nice forewarning to the rest of her salon's service skills. And honestly, what professional business has the stylists on the floor in plain view of customers texting away on their cell phones? What ever happened to professionalism? I know Arizona is laid back, but it's kind of ridiculous in a business setting. I guess, common sense isn't that common.

Oh.. sorry I got off track. Yes, as I waited and realized that Ms. Attitude wasn't going to promptly inform the stylist that she had a customer I decided to go to another salon- one that actually cares about customers and business. One that values my time as much as their own. Maybe just one that had a friendly face there to say hello.

We'll see how long this place stays open. I can't imagine this business becoming successful.
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Linda November 6, 2020 at 4:10 pm
Dropped in to this place for a buffet…
Took a buddy to lunch here last month. Surprised to get there around 11:30 and be the only ones there... The food was great, as was the service. Looking forward to my next meal here the next time I pass through Phoenix.
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