The Presidio

The Presidio, a 1,500-acre park on a former military post, is a major outdoor recreation hub. It has forested areas, miles of trails, a golf course and scenic overlooks. Other…


The Presidio, a 1,500-acre park on a former military post, is a major outdoor recreation hub. It has forested areas, miles of trails, a golf course and scenic overlooks. Other highlights include grassy Crissy Field with Golden Gate Bridge views, Civil War–era Fort Point and sandy Baker Beach.

Historic buildings house the Walt Disney Family Museum, eateries, homes and businesses like Lucasfilm, with its Yoda Fountain.


Presidio of San Francisco

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Magali March 26, 2021 at 11:24 am
really like the cooking section, always new cookbooks,…
You step into Searsucker and it is gorgeous, beautiful design and awesome atmosphere. It ends there.

They didn't have a table so we found a place at the bar, and we ordered a few drinks. Service was okay throughout.

We saw that they had Surf and Turf and decided to split it since we already had an appetizer at Z Tejas before xmas shopping. The waitress explained that she loved that dish because of the corned beef, so we were very excited.

Three large scallops come out shortly there after, and we're like OK... they serve the surf part before the turf, we can work with that. The scallops were on this pretty little bed of corned beef hash (about 2 tbsp) and there was corn. IT WAS COLD. The scallops were not cooked all the way through (I know large scallops come out this way, but this was under cooked even so), and the corn and corned beef hash was cold too. We sent it back politely. Here comes round two of our three large scallops, a bit better but we decide even warmed the scallops are poor quality fish and we nibble on a couple and say c'est la vie, there's steak on the way!! So minutes pass and we're waiting for the turf part of our surf and turf, we're chatting, enjoying the DJ and then finally get the gall to ask "Waitress, where is our steak? We're waiting for the turf?" She replies, "OH the corned beef hash was in there, that's the surf and turf." ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! I just paid $34 for three under cooked poor quality sea scallops over a weird mash of corned beef hash and corn, this is not a delicacy, my friend, this is a rip. There are so many Scottsdale restaurants with expensive food that's worth paying for.

So, I am laughing at this point because the menu says, simply, "Surf and Turf," and so of course the reasonable person expects what us Californian's call Surf and Turf and mind you I know this place started in San Diego so I am expecting the real deal from like minded Cali folks. Nope, total disappointment. Total joke, rename that menu item to either Surf + Corned Beef hash or make a real Surf and Turf priced accordingly.

At this point I am mentioning it to the hostesses on the way out, make kind of a joke and tell them to give the feedback to the owners-- it is a new restaurant, could just be a mistake. One of the managers comes up and gives us his card and explains "If you want surf and turf for $34, I will get you a big steak." Well, I get it, logically $34 for surf and turf seems inexpensive but WHO THE HELL actually debates that the price and if the menu item is too good to be true prior to ordering. HELLO, nobody does that. People see a menu, find what they like and order, that's it.

OK, I am done. But seriously jaded about this place and might go back ONLY for drinks or maybe I will give them another shot... not sure.. I live in the area so it is likely I will try it again.

If you are a foodie like me and really want something good I'd stick to a restaurant you know and love over this joint. Sorry I'm not sorry you decided to name something surf and turf and bring out 2 tbsp of corned beef hash as the "Turf,"
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Owner admin
October 24, 2021 2:09 am
Thank you, we really appreciate your feedback.
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